TestToolbox was Born of Need.

Several years ago, our small psychometric consulting business was based on spreadsheets and macros. We felt the same pain as every test development team that has ever relied on spreadsheets. The spreadsheets and the power of our desktop computers limited our capacity. The spreadsheets had to be perfectly formatted, the statistical calculation processes would take hours to run, and keeping track of spreadsheets became a nightmare.
Our initial idea was to replicate the macros on a server class computer in order to speed up the processing. The initial version of TestToolbox was essentially a simple web-based front end to a system that replaced the spreadsheet macros. This evolutionary change worked, sped up the processing, and increased our capacity. Eventually we reached a point where our resources were again constrained. The REVOLUTIONARY idea that led to today's version of TestToolbox came from this constraint. That revolutionary idea was to take the tools that we had used to run our consulting business and make them available to our customers. That has made all the difference.

The Founders

Eric Jenson

After earning a Ph.D. in Psychology from Utah State University with an emphasis in Research and Evaluation Methodologies, Eric has spent over 15 years working in test development and psychometric statistical analysis. During his career he has worked for several large test development companies as well as provided psychometric consulting services to testing organizations worldwide.

Contact Eric at: eric dot jenson at testtoolbox dot net

Rich Corbridge

A technology veteran versed in networking, information security, and application development, Rich plots the course for the technology that drives TestToolbox forward. Working with the Ruby on Rails framework since 2006, his expertise and experience enable us to quickly add new features, provide top-notch, responsive customer support, and maintain a very high level of availability across our systems.

Contact Rich at: rich dot corbridge at testtoolbox dot net